Secret of Chambers

Congratulations!  You gave into the vintage temptation, bought a Chambers stove, and got some strapping mid century lad to drag the behemoth into your kitchen.  Now what?  You scour the Internet in search of recipes that will shine.  You curse and mutter as you open the chamber of secrets and attempt to light the pilots.... Continue Reading →

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Grandma’s Bread Pudding

My love of simple baking came from both Grandmas - one loved to measure, but this Grandma never did. In her honor, feel free to tinker with measurements...or just grab handfuls of bread cubes with abandon. That said, I would follow the scalded milk instructions to the letter, as the milk has to be brought... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Braid for Tomboys

Tomboys can appreciate a well braided brunch - and this one delivers. If you're not a baker by nature (and you hate to measure) pull up a chair for this easy and decadent breakfast. Ingredients: 1 (8-ounce) Pillsbury Crescents® ½ pound leftover turkey, sliced or a half pound of deli turkey 1/3 cup cranberry sauce,... Continue Reading →

Roasted duck

The winter holidays are a cooking tradition in my family. We render duck for duck fat throughout the year, and the Chambers Stove is an impeccable tool for roasting and rendering. Here's my recipe for golden goodness. Ingredients: 1 six-seven pound duck. 2 cups hot water sea salt and pepper. tools- oval roaster with lid,... Continue Reading →

Hey Sailor (Duff)

Since I love swing music and classic desserts, this dish seemed like the best way to celebrate a chilly day by baking. Sailor's Duff was historically served on ships (to break up days of salt pork and beans) and could be steamed in the most humble ship's galley. For this landlocked version, you will need:... Continue Reading →

Porks chops with pepper rings

Now that South Texas is finally turning chilly, it's time to do some baking and warm our hands over the stove. Here's one of my favorites: use thick pork chops and circle the top with pepper rings like a crown. This dish is great with baked potatoes in the thermowell. INGREDIENTS for 2 2 pork... Continue Reading →

Fried Chicken of Awesomeness

This is by far my favorite recipe from the books, and I substituted good old midcentury lard with duck fat. You'll thank me when the smell of roasting duck wraps your kitchen like a French bistro. Pair this with your favorite veggie and your favorite IPA. Ingredients: 5 chicken legs or 4 thighs milk flour... Continue Reading →

Quest for the Holy Thermobaker

As a Librarian, I often help people find obscure books, decipher historic maps, and help them navigate the wilds of the Internet.  So I thought... how hard could it be to find a Thermobaker?  Trust me, you'll need to have provisions packed for a year or more before you find your Holy Grail. First, a... Continue Reading →

Chambers Hack – Beth’s Short Ribs

  So I decided to take the legendary Beth's Melt in Your Mouth BBQ Oven ribs and see what a little retained heat love will do.  It required some tinkering, and I discovered that the Chamber's Oven temperature chart had no rib recipes whatsoever.'s the recipe.  Enjoy! Please note, Beth's recipe originally has a... Continue Reading →

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