Secret of Chambers

Congratulations!  You gave into the vintage temptation, bought a Chambers stove, and got some strapping mid century lad to drag the behemoth into your kitchen.  Now what?  You scour the Internet in search of recipes that will shine.  You curse and mutter as you open the chamber of secrets and attempt to light the pilots.... Continue Reading →

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Thermowell Carnitas – Tex Mex in your Chambers

One thing about mid century cookbooks is the lack of delicious ethnic dishes.  Americana cookbooks had a less diverse palate back then, so it's time to give Chambers cooking an ethnic makeover.  Once you have tried a few traditional stews, it's just a matter of finding international recipes for "low and slow," converting to Chambers... Continue Reading →

Quest for the Holy Thermobaker

As a Librarian, I often help people find obscure books, decipher historic maps, and help them navigate the wilds of the Internet.  So I thought... how hard could it be to find a Thermobaker?  Trust me, you'll need to have provisions packed for a year or more before you find your Holy Grail. First, a... Continue Reading →

Chambers Hack – Beth’s Short Ribs

  So I decided to take the legendary Beth's Melt in Your Mouth BBQ Oven ribs and see what a little retained heat love will do.  It required some tinkering, and I discovered that the Chamber's Oven temperature chart had no rib recipes whatsoever.'s the recipe.  Enjoy! Please note, Beth's recipe originally has a... Continue Reading →

Quest for fire – Chambers basics

Lighting the Chambers for the first time can be a daunting task.  If you've grown up in the age of modern conveniences, it can feel like the first time man cooked on fire.  I highly recommend you give the  Vintage Chambers - Literature site a good, hard look. You'll find manuals for every Chambers stove. If... Continue Reading →

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