Quest for fire – Chambers basics

Lighting the Chambers for the first time can be a daunting task.  If you’ve grown up in the age of modern conveniences, it can feel like the first time man cooked on fire.  I highly recommend you give the  Vintage Chambers – Literature site a good, hard look. You’ll find manuals for every Chambers stove.

If you’re lucky, your Chambers was installed with auto pilot lighting, so you just turn the burner and voila, you have fire.  However, the stove was not originally built this way.  In these cases, you’ll turn the burner on and carefully manually light the burner flame.  The Vintage Chambers manual will also let you know where all the pilots are and how to adjust them.

I do strongly recommend working with a professional appliance person if you are at all unsure or not mechanically inclined.  Having the original manual is helpful if your appliance guy/gal shows up to your house and says “whoa” when they see your beautiful vintage beast.  Also, have them check for and correct any valve gas leaks while they’re there.  Making sure you’re cooking in a safe environment is key for peace of mind.

You may be asking – why go to all the effort?  The Chambers stove cooks better than anything you have tried.  Part of the reason is the unique daisy burners, that distribute heat evenly and beautifully.  And whether you bake in the oven or cook in the Thermowell (that deep chamber on the right side) the thick insulation will help your food retain moisture and make the most succulent roasted/baked dish.


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