The Deepest Chamber- Exploring the Thermowell

Your Chambers stove as three top burners and one deeply hidden secret.  At first, you’ll stare down the abyss and think “Bloody hell, what do I do with this thing?”

If you’re up for some culinary splunking, here’s what the Chambers Stove is great for: stews, soups, homemade stock, puddings, and – with the coveted metal Thermobaker rack – casseroles, biscuits and pies.  Because the Thermowell is deep inside your stove, it is insulated on all sides and cooks like a dream.  You’ll want to get your hands on a vintage recipe book from Vintage Chambers Lit for recipes and cooking charts – my favorite is the Anderson Cookbook.

The secret of cooking in the Thermowell is not to preheat. So far as stews/meals, the most valuable pot to get is a single kettle with locking lid, but the dual kettle is nice if you want to cook two things without blending flavors.  You’ll use the right amount of liquid (see cookbooks), plus your ingredients, and then turn on the well gas with the flames 3/8 inch high.  Lock the lid in place, carefully lower into the well and place the Thermowell lid in place.  Wait approx. 15 minutes until the Thermowell steams, and let it go 5 more min or so.  You can then turn the well gas off and cook slowly and safely while you head out to throw the revolution or what not.

When you return, don’t burn your victory fingers on the Thermowell, but carefully lift both the lid off and cooking pot out with a potholder.  Your masterpiece awaits.

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