Quest for the Holy Thermobaker

As a Librarian, I often help people find obscure books, decipher historic maps, and help them navigate the wilds of the Internet.  So I thought… how hard could it be to find a Thermobaker?  Trust me, you’ll need to have provisions packed for a year or more before you find your Holy Grail.

First, a little background on your epic quest.   Your regular oven is the one on the left, and you’ll soon discover that it’s much smaller than a modern oven (but cooks much better due to insulation).  What’s behind door #2?  Storage for your larder.

There will be times that you want to roast a fowl and bake a pie, and that’s what the Thermobaker allows you to do.  The Thermobaker is the most coveted of Chambers accessories, for the simple reason that it allows you to use the Thermowell chamber as a 2nd oven and reveals intriguing new recipes.

But, in order to acquire the grail, you’ll need to obsessively shop/bid online or find a secret cookware dealer.  Pour yourself a chalice of red wine, and watch eBay like a falcon.  When a Thermobaker is unleashed, uncover your falcon eyes and soar at the last minute to capture the bid.  After all, auctions have a venerable and bloody history dating back to the Roman era.  Light a candle when you win your Thermobaker, and call it a brighter day.


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